April 2, 2012

sesame street live

In a little bit of a last minute weekend planning, we decided to take Hannah to see Sesame Street Live in Tulsa.  To say she loved it would be an understatement.  She was mesmerized when all the life-size characters came out on stage and was singing and dancing along with the music the whole time.  I love getting to experience things like this with Hannah!  It is such a special time with Hannah before Baby K arrives and I don't want to pass up any opportunity to do stuff like this with her.

Before the show, some of the characters came out and danced with the kids.  Hannah wasn't too sure about Ernie!

Then we got to walk around and see all the sets of Sesame Street.  Hannah loved it!
Sitting on the steps of Sesame Street
Playing Elmo's piano

Visiting Oscar in his trashcan
Hanging out with Big Bird in his nest

Once we finally got into the theater part, Hannah immediately spotted the sno cones.  It was seriously as big as her face!  She didn't even finish the entire thing before the end of the show but it did keep her occupied when she got a little bored.  Money well spent, in my opinion. :)

I love how mesmerized they both look.  I think Jason enjoyed it too! Ha!

Love this little girl so much and I am so thankful for sweet memories we get to make as she grows up!  Even though it made a for a long Sunday, it was great family time and we all had fun!

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