April 8, 2012

saturday fun

We started out our Saturday with a little birthday party for Hannah's friend, Sawyer.  Hannah loved playing with all her friends and she especially loved the boy toys at Sawyer's house!  I'm pretty sure this little girl needs a brother! :)

Hannah especially loved the sandbox!  She and her friend Brayden had a blast filling up the trucks and buckets and dumping the sand right back out!

Hannah also loved Sawyer's four wheeler.  How she ended up the driver with these two boys I don't know but Tallis looks a little worried!  I would be too, especially after witnessing Hannah's driving skills.  Ha!

A little pizza picnic with Tallis, Stella and Cilla.

Then it was time for cupcakes!  Definitely every child's favorite part of a birthday party!
Girl table: Stella, Lyla, Cilla and Hannah.  Maybe checking out what the boys were doing....

The birthday boy enjoying a cupcake too!
Starting the sugar high of Easter weekend early with a double chocolate cupcake.  Ha!

These kiddos LOVED the bounce house!  I'm pretty sure they all crashed after the party.

After the party and naps, we went to church to work in Hannah's preschool room.  Cross Church had 6 services over the weekend! It was crazy but so fun to be with Hannah in her room learning about the empty tomb.  When we got home from church, we had Hannah's Easter basket ready.  It was fun giving it to her early so she could enjoy everything without being rushed off to church or lunch with family on Sunday.  We also didn't want to take away from Easter morning with gifts....we want our children to know it is all about Jesus and the empty tomb!

This girls loves her some Easter eggs.  She also loves coins so we filled up a few eggs with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for her "piggy pank."
(I also snuck in a few dollar bills. :))

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