April 7, 2012

playgroup egg hunt

On Friday, I hosted a little egg hunt playgroup for some of Hannah's friends.  It was so fun!  Everyone brought some eggs for us to hide and then the kiddos were let loose in the backyard to each find 12 eggs.

Hannah was waiting so patiently for the egg hunt to start.  She was so excited and had been talking about all morning!

Hannah and Brody were a few of the first kiddos out the door and they took off running!  It was so funny to watch!

Hannah counted her eggs to make sure she had her 12.  Then she and Brody took a seat and started sorting through their loot.  They were pretty happy about all of their "treats."

These three little cuties weren't too sure what to think.  I think they probably thought all the big kids were crazy running around.  Ha!

After the egg hunt, we had some lunch and these two couldn't get enough cupcakes!  I'm pretty each had at least two.  Sugar high indeed.  Oh well.

After going through the eggs, Hannah found some Easter stamps in a few of hers so she and Cilla did a little "work" and decorated their plates with stamps.  Love these artsy little girls!

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