April 11, 2012

block party

Last week, our small group put together a little block party for our neighborhood.  We had a great turnout and I think everyone really enjoyed it!  I even met some new neighbors which is always fun....including a couple that has a little girl about Hannah's age.

Jason grilled burgers and our small group all brought sides and desserts.  The kiddos played in the bounce house and ate a ridiculous amount of sweets (well, maybe that was just Hannah but I know I saw several little ones two-fisting some cupcakes!).  All-in-all, it was a fun spring night and I'm so thankful for our small group and our neighbors!

 Hannah and Hudson took a front row seat to watch some of the guys play lawn games :)

 Hit of the night for the little ones was the bounce house

 And these little ones needed a snack break. I'm positive Hannah had at least two of our friend Holly's cupcakes and probably 2-3 bags of chips thanks to anyone who would give her some.  She was pretty smart asking other adults once I said no.  Ha! (The coke is NOT hers in the above picture!)

These two needed to escape the block party and retreated to Hannah's playroom to play with her dollhouse.  Brody may not speak to me one day because of this picture but they are just too cute! :)

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