April 30, 2012

weekend recap

We had absolutely zero plans on Saturday and it was exactly what our family needed! We got up and headed to the Farmer's Market for the first time this year.  I love the Farmer's Market....people watching, running into friends and good family time...just a great way to start the weekend! 

After the Farmer's Market, we went to Sam's to do a little shopping and eat some lunch. Hannah loved the bigger-than-her-head pepperoni pizza and sampling some ice cream from one of the food vendors.

Hannah had told us that the one thing she wanted to do was get a sno cone. (Which just so happens to be a pregnancy craving for me right now, so I'm all about a sno cone at any time!)  So, we did just that.  And again ran into a few friends and got to meet their sweet new baby boy.

We then came home and spent the afternoon playing outside while Jason smoked some yummy ribs!  And this little cutie wanted to pretend she was a princess in a forest of flowers. :) It was the perfect Saturday!

After church on Sunday, we ran to the mall to pick up a few things.  Hannah always has to ride the rides but enjoys it every time!
We made a stop at the toy store to satisfy a little one's impatience while I was shopping.

 The toy store did her in. Ha!  She needed a break.

And as we were leaving, Hannah spotted the Icee Bear and wanted her picture with him.  Too funny and too cute!

It was a great weekend with my little family!  Can't wait for more fun weekends this summer!

April 28, 2012

old friends, new friends

Hannah and I had the opportunity to spend the day with two of my best friends from high school who both recently had baby boys.  I have known Adrienne and Elizabeth for as long as I can remember and I love that we are now mommas together!  They both have the sweetest, cutest little boys and it was so fun to snuggle babies all day!  Hannah wasn't too sure at first but quickly warmed up to the boys and wanted to help take care of them all afternoon.  I loved getting to see her be such a big helper and I can't wait until she has her own baby brother or sister to help take care of this fall.  I know she is going to be the BEST big sister!

 Baby Jack

 Baby Elijah

 Hannah wanted to sit in the high chair for lunch.  We may have some battles when Baby K is ready for a high chair. :)

 Hannah was unsure of Mommy holding Elijah.

Baby Jack LOVED talking to Hannah and watching her every move!

April 22, 2012

family fun day

We spent our Saturday doing lots of fun family things!  We started the day off with Razorfest.  We saw lots of friends but Hannah was being quite uncooperative for pictures...as noted in this picture that our friend at HolyTurf.com captured.

Hannah had a blast in this bounce house! 

After the bounce house, we cheered the football team into the stadium.  Hannah had a great view from Jason's shoulders.

We played a few games and Hannah got her face painted.

It took about .5 seconds after the football was painted on her face for it to be smeared...

After Razorfest, I went with my mom and sister to the Walton Arts Center to see Mary Poppins.  It was a good musical and a great girls' outing!
(notice the 17 week baby bump :))

While the girls were at Mary Poppins, Hannah was "hanging with the guys" (as she said) at the Red-White game.  Looks like she had a blast! :)

 nachos for lunch would make almost any kid happy

 watching the Hogs with Dean-Dean

and yes, she is the only one Calling the Hogs. :)  Guess she's just getting in some good practice before the fall.

When we all finally got back home and Hannah had a quick nap, the three of us went to eat at a new local restaurant near Jason's office.  It was great food and a good ending to a crazy day! 
LOVE these two so much and spending the weekend with them!

April 15, 2012


This weekend, I am thankful for sweet friends who offered to let Hannah come play on Saturday morning so Jason and I could have some time to run errands and squeeze in a lunch date.  We've had one of the hardest weeks with Hannah.  She is going through SEVERE separation anxiety....but just with me.  She literally screams when she is left with Jason and even cried when I left her at my parents' house earlier in the week, which never happens!  I don't know if it is intuition about the changes that will happen when baby #2 arrives in the fall or just part of being 3 right now but it is really exhausting for this preggo momma!  Not to mention how it absolutely breaks my heart when I leave her!

However, she couldn't have been more happy to play with Rahely and Addison on Saturday!  She didn't shed a tear when we left and I was so thankful for that! :)

Three little cuties and sweet friends!

Jason and I are SO thankful for our small group and how they have loved on us through this tough parenting time.  We are all truly blessed with awesome friends!

April 11, 2012

block party

Last week, our small group put together a little block party for our neighborhood.  We had a great turnout and I think everyone really enjoyed it!  I even met some new neighbors which is always fun....including a couple that has a little girl about Hannah's age.

Jason grilled burgers and our small group all brought sides and desserts.  The kiddos played in the bounce house and ate a ridiculous amount of sweets (well, maybe that was just Hannah but I know I saw several little ones two-fisting some cupcakes!).  All-in-all, it was a fun spring night and I'm so thankful for our small group and our neighbors!

 Hannah and Hudson took a front row seat to watch some of the guys play lawn games :)

 Hit of the night for the little ones was the bounce house

 And these little ones needed a snack break. I'm positive Hannah had at least two of our friend Holly's cupcakes and probably 2-3 bags of chips thanks to anyone who would give her some.  She was pretty smart asking other adults once I said no.  Ha! (The coke is NOT hers in the above picture!)

These two needed to escape the block party and retreated to Hannah's playroom to play with her dollhouse.  Brody may not speak to me one day because of this picture but they are just too cute! :)

April 9, 2012

easter 2012


We started out Easter morning with an amazing worship service at Cross Church.  We love our church and are so thankful God led us to it!  It was a huge celebrating that the tomb is empty and Jesus is ALIVE!  I had goosebumps the entire service just thinking about all that Jesus has done for me and the price He paid for my sins.  It was an awesome day to celebrate!

After church, my family and Jason's parents came over for lunch.  Jason smoked some pork and ribs and it was yummy!

Aunt KiKi brought some really fun butterfly glasses! :)

MiMi and Dean Dean brought a really fun Barbie four wheeler!  Hannah loved it and literally rode in circles in the front yard.  Ha!  I see lots of spring/summer afternoons outside on this thing!

After naps for all of us, our cousin Senica came over for a little Easter egg hunt.  Hannah was ready to go!

On tip toes, this is a very determined little girl when it comes to hunting eggs!

And making sure she got them all with Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa.

Checking out her loot with Senica.  And Hannah was pretty excited about the smarties!

After the egg hunt, dinner and a bath, all three of us cuddled up on the couch and watched HOP.  Such a cute little movie and great family time to end a crazy day!

 I don't think Hannah's little body could handle any more Easter candy so she asked for an apple as a snack during the movie.  Ha!

After the movie, we did our last Resurrection Egg devotional.  It has been so fun doing this each night preparing for Easter this weekend.  Hannah loved opening the eggs each night and Jason and I loved watching her learn and really begin to understand the TRUE story of Easter.
Praise the Lord....the tomb is empty!

April 8, 2012

saturday fun

We started out our Saturday with a little birthday party for Hannah's friend, Sawyer.  Hannah loved playing with all her friends and she especially loved the boy toys at Sawyer's house!  I'm pretty sure this little girl needs a brother! :)

Hannah especially loved the sandbox!  She and her friend Brayden had a blast filling up the trucks and buckets and dumping the sand right back out!

Hannah also loved Sawyer's four wheeler.  How she ended up the driver with these two boys I don't know but Tallis looks a little worried!  I would be too, especially after witnessing Hannah's driving skills.  Ha!

A little pizza picnic with Tallis, Stella and Cilla.

Then it was time for cupcakes!  Definitely every child's favorite part of a birthday party!
Girl table: Stella, Lyla, Cilla and Hannah.  Maybe checking out what the boys were doing....

The birthday boy enjoying a cupcake too!
Starting the sugar high of Easter weekend early with a double chocolate cupcake.  Ha!

These kiddos LOVED the bounce house!  I'm pretty sure they all crashed after the party.

After the party and naps, we went to church to work in Hannah's preschool room.  Cross Church had 6 services over the weekend! It was crazy but so fun to be with Hannah in her room learning about the empty tomb.  When we got home from church, we had Hannah's Easter basket ready.  It was fun giving it to her early so she could enjoy everything without being rushed off to church or lunch with family on Sunday.  We also didn't want to take away from Easter morning with gifts....we want our children to know it is all about Jesus and the empty tomb!

This girls loves her some Easter eggs.  She also loves coins so we filled up a few eggs with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for her "piggy pank."
(I also snuck in a few dollar bills. :))