March 2, 2012

tubes, round 2

On Thursday, we headed back to Northwest Medical Center for Hannah to have another set of tubes put in her ears. Unfortunately, the first set of tubes from last April didn't quite do the trick and since one fell out in early December, Hannah has had a recurring ear infection for nearly 3 months. This round of tubes was obviously needed and somewhat welcomed in hopes that we won't be heading to the doctor every other week!

The night before surgery, Hannah and I had a picnic Chickfila dinner in the bedroom while Jason led small group in our living room.  I was so nervous Hannah would catch something in the church nursery that I kept her home and we had our own little party. :)  She also got to talk to all of her grandparents and my sister the night before surgery.  I think she liked all the attention!

It was an early morning as we needed to be at the hospital at 6:45am for surgery at 8am. Hannah was a trooper. We arrived at the hospital and got her dressed in her hospital gown and the nurses did a little pre-op evaluation. Hannah passed the time waiting for her turn in the operating room watching cartoons and playing on our phones. She got this not-so-cute hospital bear that she named Hope. Finally a little after 8, the OR nurse came to wheel Hannah back to surgery and we headed to the waiting room with my parents.

 Just a short while later, we were called back to recovery and our sweet girl was awake.  But NOT happy!  I'm pretty sure she was mad at me for making her go through all that again.  However, a popsicle, a new movie and Dean-Dean quickly made everything better!

After we were released from the hospital, just about 2 hours after surgery, Hannah was hungry so we went to Chickfila for breakfast.  Hannah INHALED some chicken nuggets and then went for an ice cream cone.  Couldn't deny her that after surgery, right??

We then went home for movies and nap time. I was so thankful that when Hannah woke up from her nap, it was nearly 72 degrees and sunny outside. I think being outside helped the recovery process for all of us! :)

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