March 21, 2012

shopping day with mommy

We had a little shopping day to get out of the house and do something since we can't really be outside with the rain continuing to fall.  Also, Hannah needed some spring/summer clothes since it has already been 85 degress in Fayetteville and the heat looks to be returning next week after the rain finally stops!

Hannah was ready to go, purse and all! :)

She was really good while I was looking at clothes so she was rewarded with a ride on the car carousel.  She loves this thing and asks a million times if she can ride it anytime we are the mall!

Then, our friends Jennifer, Brody and Jillian came to join us for a little Chickfila lunch. 

Love these two cuties!

We spent more time on the car rides with our friends and then headed to the toy store.  Because, really, we can't leave the mall without stopping at the toy store!  Ha!

Hannah spent some time at the train table and showing me all the trains that she wants.  She really does need a brother some day....

I love spending time with Hannah doing "girly" things like shopping.  I can't wait for more shopping trips with her as she gets older!

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