March 26, 2012

rainy days of spring break

With all the rain, we've had to be pretty creative with our spring break activities.  We made good use of our time and had lots of fun! 

 LOTS of board game playing

 A little pretend dress up and hair salon

 Baking with momma...
 and a failed attempt at Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes.
Still really yummy, just not very pretty!

And I actually cooked a full meal one night!  I was super proud of myself!  Since this pregnancy started, I have not been in any mood to cook.  Between not knowing what sounds good to crazy instant cravings, it has been difficult to plan ahead and make a full meal for the family.  However, one night tacos sounded good and since they are pretty quick and easy, the craving didn't vanish before dinner was ready.  It was a good night in my mind!

Pigtails for this big girl one morning before heading outside to play a little when there was  a break in the rain....
 and seriously, when did my baby become such a big girl?!? 
I'm not ready for this big girl stuff!

 Doing a little Just Dance 3 with Daddy :)

 Then practicing the real dance thing, ballet and tap.

We all did LOTS of sleeping with the wonderful rain on the windows!  And Hannah slept hard...she is breathing in the midst of all the pillows and stuffed animals, I promise!

 Hannah got to take lots of her baths in our big bath tub.  She said it's her swimming pool.  It's the little things.....

And Daddy built a tent/fort before bed.  Hannah loved it!

It was a fun-filled week and I enjoyed lots of time with Hannah and some special nights with all 3 of us at home!

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  1. Looks like you all made the most out of the rainy days. (: