March 19, 2012

kicking off spring break

It's Spring Break week and we have had ZERO scheduled activities.  It is WONDERFUL!  It is so nice to look at a completely blank calendar and know that we can pretty much go and do whatever we want, whenever we want.  I'm looking forward to some great time with Hannah, nights as a family and some play time with friends.  The forecast doesn't look too promising for this week but we'll make the most of it...even if it rains every day!

We started out our spring break with a trip to the ENT for a post-op appointment for Hannah's tubes that she had put in two weeks ago.  She's had some drainage that was a little concerning the past few days but the doctor said everything was perfect! Praise the Lord!  I was dreading the worst but he was pleasantly surprised with how well she has recovered.

We then headed to my parents house since we were already in Bentonville for the ENT appointment.  My parents got a new puppy over the weekend and we wanted to see him.  Their dog, Max, passed away last week very unexpectedly so they didn't waste any time getting a new dog for my Dad to have around!  His name is Buddy and Hannah is smitten!  It will be so cute watching them basically grow up together over the next several years.

I'm looking forward to week of playing and spending time with my sweet family, even if it rains the 6-8 inches that is predicted in the next 48 hours....

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