March 25, 2012

happy birthday, mimi!

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday with a little cookout and cake at our house.  My dad and Jason spent the whole day remodeling our garage.  We needed more storage space, especially with the baby coming this fall, so the guys added some cabinets to our walls in the garage.  It looks amazing!  I can't wait to clean out the closets in my house and move stuff to outside!
 Hannah was "helping" but the noise was a little too much for her.

LOVE my "new" garage!

So after they were done working, my mom came over too and we had a birthday celebration for her.  Hannah wasn't feeling the greatest but she was a trooper and helped MiMi blow out her birthday candles. 

Hannah also got an early Easter gift from my aunt that she has spent all weekend playing with.  It was a Tinkerbell art set with paint, modeling clay and sidewalk chalk.  To say Hannah loved it would be an understatement!  The girl loves her some art projects!

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