March 23, 2012

fun with friends

Unfortunately, it rained basically all week for spring break so we just altered our plans each day so we still got to do something fun despite the yucky weather!  One day we headed to Boingo Bounce with some neighborhood friends.  It was crazy and I'm pretty sure most moms in NWA had the same idea!  Ha!  But Hannah enjoyed it and that made me enjoy it too!

 Hannah and her sweet friend Faith

 Hannah enjoyed the little toys just as much as the bounce house!

Not too sure about going in the big bouncer with big kids.  Watching was much more comfortable!

After Boingo Bounce and good naps for both of us, we went and hung out with some sweet friends for dinner and dessert.  Hannah and Cilla love to play together but can also fight like sisters when they are together.  These are two of the girliest girls I know! 

Dress up, cooking, dancing and a princess movie were right up their alley for the night. It was a fun, relaxing evening and the perfect way to end our day.

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