March 25, 2012

ending spring break with sunshine

Praise the Lord we had a sun-filled weekend!  It was just what this family needed!  We spent lots of time outside and are now fighting allergies/sickness because of it but it was worth it at the time after being cooped up all week. 

Hannah "helped" me work in the yard pulling weeds.  She really did more playing than helping but we did find this 4-leaf clover in the weeds and Hannah was pretty proud of it!

After the yard work, we headed to my favorite sno cone place for a little refreshment before nap time.  Hannah was a MESS by the time we got home but she loved every last drop of her sno cone!  I LOVE sno cones too and am so excited the places around town are starting to open for the summer.  It definitely makes this pregnant girl happy! :) Can't wait for more this summer!!

one pretty satisfied little girl...and pregnant momma! :)
Happy Spring!

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  1. Where did you go to get a sno cone! I've been dying for one!