March 28, 2012

chuck e cheese

A few months ago we started a "no cry" sticker chart for Hannah.  She has been suffering from severe separation anxiety at church so we decided that she should be rewarded for not crying when we dropped her off in her preschool room.  Hannah is in childcare at the nursery 2-4 times a week so it was starting to be pretty draining on this momma when she would cry every time we took her to her room.  It took Hannah about six weeks to finally get 5 stickers but she finally did this past weekend so we decided to take our trip to Chuck E Cheese this week.  Plus it was nice to do something different and fun as a family with all the rain that continues to fall preventing us from outdoor activities.

Hannah is super proud of herself for filling up her chart! (We also have a chart for dance class so we, hopefully, will be making another trip to Chuck E Cheese in the next few weeks!)

Jason had never been with Hannah so he was able to enjoy some of the games and winning tickets just as much as she did. :)  Love watching them play together!

And Mommy got in on a few games too! :)

Hannah did a little dancing with Chuck E Cheese.

All in all, it was a fun night and I look forward to many more family nights in the coming months before Baby K #2 makes a debut this fall.

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