March 12, 2012

baby kaundart #2

That's right!  It is with great excitement that I can say Baby Kaundart #2 is on the way and will join our family of 3 in September!  We are so blessed to be expanding our family this fall.  After my miscarriage last fall, we took some time to process what had happened and focus on our family.  Shortly after the holidays, we decided to try again and have been blessed with another little peanut. 

I am currently 11 weeks and have had multiple ultrasounds and heard the heartbeat again today at the doctor's office and got the official "nod" to spread the word about this bundle of joy!  This has been a pretty rough first 10 weeks of pregnancy as I've been on some progesterone supplements but thankfully that is over and I'm hoping, and praying, for a little more energy and less nausea in the coming weeks.  I want need my energy back to keep up with the active 3 year old that consumes most of my time!

Here are some early shots of our little one:

6 weeks

8 weeks and heartbeat (such a wonderful thing to see and hear!)

This little girl is a little bit super excited to be a Big Sister!  I know she will be a great big sister and I can't wait to watch her grow into that role in the coming year.

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  1. I just realized I don't follow yoru blog! Congrats on the awesome news. So happy for you!