March 28, 2012

chuck e cheese

A few months ago we started a "no cry" sticker chart for Hannah.  She has been suffering from severe separation anxiety at church so we decided that she should be rewarded for not crying when we dropped her off in her preschool room.  Hannah is in childcare at the nursery 2-4 times a week so it was starting to be pretty draining on this momma when she would cry every time we took her to her room.  It took Hannah about six weeks to finally get 5 stickers but she finally did this past weekend so we decided to take our trip to Chuck E Cheese this week.  Plus it was nice to do something different and fun as a family with all the rain that continues to fall preventing us from outdoor activities.

Hannah is super proud of herself for filling up her chart! (We also have a chart for dance class so we, hopefully, will be making another trip to Chuck E Cheese in the next few weeks!)

Jason had never been with Hannah so he was able to enjoy some of the games and winning tickets just as much as she did. :)  Love watching them play together!

And Mommy got in on a few games too! :)

Hannah did a little dancing with Chuck E Cheese.

All in all, it was a fun night and I look forward to many more family nights in the coming months before Baby K #2 makes a debut this fall.

March 26, 2012

rainy days of spring break

With all the rain, we've had to be pretty creative with our spring break activities.  We made good use of our time and had lots of fun! 

 LOTS of board game playing

 A little pretend dress up and hair salon

 Baking with momma...
 and a failed attempt at Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes.
Still really yummy, just not very pretty!

And I actually cooked a full meal one night!  I was super proud of myself!  Since this pregnancy started, I have not been in any mood to cook.  Between not knowing what sounds good to crazy instant cravings, it has been difficult to plan ahead and make a full meal for the family.  However, one night tacos sounded good and since they are pretty quick and easy, the craving didn't vanish before dinner was ready.  It was a good night in my mind!

Pigtails for this big girl one morning before heading outside to play a little when there was  a break in the rain....
 and seriously, when did my baby become such a big girl?!? 
I'm not ready for this big girl stuff!

 Doing a little Just Dance 3 with Daddy :)

 Then practicing the real dance thing, ballet and tap.

We all did LOTS of sleeping with the wonderful rain on the windows!  And Hannah slept hard...she is breathing in the midst of all the pillows and stuffed animals, I promise!

 Hannah got to take lots of her baths in our big bath tub.  She said it's her swimming pool.  It's the little things.....

And Daddy built a tent/fort before bed.  Hannah loved it!

It was a fun-filled week and I enjoyed lots of time with Hannah and some special nights with all 3 of us at home!

March 25, 2012

ending spring break with sunshine

Praise the Lord we had a sun-filled weekend!  It was just what this family needed!  We spent lots of time outside and are now fighting allergies/sickness because of it but it was worth it at the time after being cooped up all week. 

Hannah "helped" me work in the yard pulling weeds.  She really did more playing than helping but we did find this 4-leaf clover in the weeds and Hannah was pretty proud of it!

After the yard work, we headed to my favorite sno cone place for a little refreshment before nap time.  Hannah was a MESS by the time we got home but she loved every last drop of her sno cone!  I LOVE sno cones too and am so excited the places around town are starting to open for the summer.  It definitely makes this pregnant girl happy! :) Can't wait for more this summer!!

one pretty satisfied little girl...and pregnant momma! :)
Happy Spring!

happy birthday, mimi!

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday with a little cookout and cake at our house.  My dad and Jason spent the whole day remodeling our garage.  We needed more storage space, especially with the baby coming this fall, so the guys added some cabinets to our walls in the garage.  It looks amazing!  I can't wait to clean out the closets in my house and move stuff to outside!
 Hannah was "helping" but the noise was a little too much for her.

LOVE my "new" garage!

So after they were done working, my mom came over too and we had a birthday celebration for her.  Hannah wasn't feeling the greatest but she was a trooper and helped MiMi blow out her birthday candles. 

Hannah also got an early Easter gift from my aunt that she has spent all weekend playing with.  It was a Tinkerbell art set with paint, modeling clay and sidewalk chalk.  To say Hannah loved it would be an understatement!  The girl loves her some art projects!

March 23, 2012

fun with friends

Unfortunately, it rained basically all week for spring break so we just altered our plans each day so we still got to do something fun despite the yucky weather!  One day we headed to Boingo Bounce with some neighborhood friends.  It was crazy and I'm pretty sure most moms in NWA had the same idea!  Ha!  But Hannah enjoyed it and that made me enjoy it too!

 Hannah and her sweet friend Faith

 Hannah enjoyed the little toys just as much as the bounce house!

Not too sure about going in the big bouncer with big kids.  Watching was much more comfortable!

After Boingo Bounce and good naps for both of us, we went and hung out with some sweet friends for dinner and dessert.  Hannah and Cilla love to play together but can also fight like sisters when they are together.  These are two of the girliest girls I know! 

Dress up, cooking, dancing and a princess movie were right up their alley for the night. It was a fun, relaxing evening and the perfect way to end our day.

March 21, 2012

shopping day with mommy

We had a little shopping day to get out of the house and do something since we can't really be outside with the rain continuing to fall.  Also, Hannah needed some spring/summer clothes since it has already been 85 degress in Fayetteville and the heat looks to be returning next week after the rain finally stops!

Hannah was ready to go, purse and all! :)

She was really good while I was looking at clothes so she was rewarded with a ride on the car carousel.  She loves this thing and asks a million times if she can ride it anytime we are the mall!

Then, our friends Jennifer, Brody and Jillian came to join us for a little Chickfila lunch. 

Love these two cuties!

We spent more time on the car rides with our friends and then headed to the toy store.  Because, really, we can't leave the mall without stopping at the toy store!  Ha!

Hannah spent some time at the train table and showing me all the trains that she wants.  She really does need a brother some day....

I love spending time with Hannah doing "girly" things like shopping.  I can't wait for more shopping trips with her as she gets older!

March 20, 2012

tea party for 4 precious princesses

My sweet friend, Emily, and her mom, Trudy, invited four little girls from church over to their house for a princess tea party.  Hannah was beyond excited to dress up and go play with friends!

We had on several different dress up outfits before Hannah finally decided this is what she wanted to wear:

She was insistant on the rain boots because it was raining outside. Not what I would've picked for a princess tea party but I've learned to pick my battles with a strong-willed preschooler and that wasn't worth it. :)
Three little girls ready to party!
Emily tweeted pictures of the girls all throughout the tea party so I took these from her to document their day.  They started with tea, of course!

Watched a princess movie in the castle.

Ate a princess lunch.  Which I heard that none of the little girls ate their tiara-shaped peanut butter and jelly.  But it was so cute and made me want to join the party!

Group pictures with Miss Emily and Ms. Trudy

They decorated sugar cookies with sprinkles as take home gifts that Hannah devoured as soon as she got home. Ha!

She talked about the tea party all evening and was even pretending to have a tea party with the same friends in her playroom.  So sweet!

Thank you Emily and Trudy for loving my little girl and including her on such a fun day!  We both love you so much!