February 3, 2012

sick days

Even though this winter was super mild (thank you, Lord!) it seems my little family has had more sickness than other winters.  We have spent lots of time at doctor offices, pharmacies and home cuddled on the couch.  I do love the cuddle time with Hannah but I sure wish she felt better!

 First trip to the doctor over a 5 day period :(

Super sleepy, sick baby

Last week, she had a slight case of RSV.  This resulted in a couple trips to the doctor for breathing treatments and lots of medicines! We also rested, watched lots of movies and played when the Tylenol kicked in and her fever was down.  She was a trooper, even with a fever for five full days.

Giving MiMi an update on how she was feeling

Rockband with Daddy :)

Trying to get her fever down by playing in some ice water

 The breathing treatment finally gave Hannah some relief!  She wasn't too sure about the mask at first but did great and finished the treatment like such a big girl!

 We made some Valentine's sugar cookies to kick off February

By mid-week, Hannah was finally fever-free and feeling much better so we ventured out to Jason's office for a little lunch and playtime.  Hannah LOVES going to Jason's office so it was a good outing for both of us!

I am so ready for warmer weather and all this sickness to go away!  It is draining on a momma to see her baby so sick and miserable. I seriously have felt so helpless as I watch her little body fight off all these infections.  Ready for health and sunshine!

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