July 25, 2011

one final celebration

On Sunday, we had one final birthday celebration for Jason.  I invited his family and my family for a little cookout.  By this point, I was exhausted but it was so fun celebrating with family and I'm glad we did it!

Hannah helped me make Jason's strawberry cake after church.  This little girl LOVES to cook!  I'm so excited to have a helper in the kitchen!

Jason grilled steaks for dinner. I felt bad that he was doing the cooking but he LOVES grilling so I'm sure he didn't mind....except that it was 100+ degrees outside on Sunday!

Opening presents with Hannah's help...she may or may not have thought it was her party too. :)
He was REALLY excited about his new Keurig coffee maker!

Singing "Happy Birthday" (doesn't he look thrilled??) and blowing out the candles!

Hannah got out her piggy bank and hit everyone at the party up for some change.  Ha!  Maybe she's saving up for Daddy's present early??

 Happy Birthday to the best Daddy and Husband we could ask for!  

July 24, 2011


Friday was a Friday Night Out for CrossChurch so I took full advantage of this free "date night" and turned it into a huge surprise party for Jason at US Pizza with all his friends!  It was so fun planning (a little stressful since everything was a secret) and then getting to see the look on his face when he walked into the room full of his friends!

I had to practice my story with my sister (who helped a TON with decorating and getting the party room setup) throughout the day so I wouldn't screw it up when Jason got home!  I even let him throw out a few suggestions for date night so it was obvious that I already had something planned for us.  I eventually used the excuse that several couples from church were going out to eat for FNO at US Pizza and I really wanted to go since we haven't been out with friends in awhile.  And I guess it worked perfectly because Jason said he was totally surprised and had no idea what I was up to!

I really do think he was surprised! ;)

 I love the basement of US Pizza because of the built-in entertainment!  Lots of pool, darts and shuffleboard were played by Jason and his friends! 

Sweet friends!
 Jamey & Ashley drove up from North Little Rock to help us celebrate Jason!

 The Pac-man cupcake board I made for the 80s themed decorations :)
An 80s party isn't complete without something Star Wars...so how about character bobble heads on a cake?!?
The sweet group of friends I used as an "excuse" to get Jason to US Pizza.  Love y'all!

It was so fun catching up with so many friends...and many friends that Jason doesn't get to see as often as he'd like.  It was really fun to have all the people who love Jason in one room celebrating him!

Overall, the party was a success!  We had lots of fun and lots of laughs with lots of Jason's best friends.

Jason and I left the party that night so humbled and so blessed by the friendships that were represented in the room...old and new.  I seriously can't thank our friends enough for making this one of the best birthdays ever for Jason.  (And I told Jason not to expect anything until he is 40! Ha!)

 Happy 30th Husband!  Hope you felt loved and celebrated this week!

July 19, 2011

30th birthday getaway

Over the weekend, I surprised Jason with a trip to St. Louis.  Well, he knew about the trip but not what we would be doing.  I was SO excited for this trip!  Even though I knew what we would be doing and how much fun we would have, I was really excited to have a weekend away just us.

So, we headed out Saturday afternoon after Hannah's swim lessons.  My parents were gracious to keep Hannah for 2 nights and 3 days.  (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)  We left Fayetteville around 12:30pm and arrived at our hotel in St. Louis around 6pm.  I hade made reservations at a steakhouse in Westport Plaza for 7pm so we had just enough time to check in and get ready for a fun date night.  I did lots of research on where to go a few months ago so I was crossing my fingers that this would be a good and fun place to eat.  And it was!  Seriously, some of the best steaks we've ever had!  And they also had an A-MAZING chocolate cake for dessert.  And even though we were there to celebrate Jason's birthday, the dessert was more for me than him! Ha!

After dinner we walked around Westport Plaza for a bit and then headed to Target because I forgot my purse (including ID, credit card that I used for all our reservations....I did have a MINOR freaking out moment about 4 hours into the trip) and I needed something to carry my stuff all weekend.  Jason was super understanding and even though I felt like a complete idiot, he made me feel better about the whole situation.  So I did get a cute little purse out of the deal. :)

When we got back to the hotel, I decided to give Jason the "itinerary" for Sunday.  Inside the itinerary, he found tickets to the U2 concert at Busch Stadium!  He has always wanted to go see U2 and the last time they were in the US, we had only been married about 3 weeks and didn't go.  I have been planning this since January and I was SO excited we could go!

Needless to say, he was surprised!

Sunday morning we went to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.  Another thing Jason has wanted to do for awhile. We even got to see a few of the Anheuser Clydesdales and they are HUGE and so pretty!  Then we got the see the entire brewing process.  It really is a neat thing and I would recommend anyone to do the tour if you are in St. Louis. (And it's free!)

 This picture doesn't even do the size of this horse justice! Amazingly HUGE and so beautiful!

After the brewery tour, we headed to downtown St. Louis.  We decided just to park and walk around since we knew as it got closer to concert time things would get crazy.  So we walked to the Gateway Arch. 

 Please ignore the sweaty, shiny faces...it was pushing 100 degrees at this point! :)

We didn't go up in it but we did walk around the museum and got to see some of the history from the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  We also sat in the elevator car that would take you to the top of the Arch.  It was a tight space but I'm sure we'll be venturing to the top with Hannah one day so I was okay to wait. :)

After the Arch, we made the trek across downtown St. Louis to Union Station.  This adventure proved that Jason & I are NOT good navigators!  What looked like 6-7 blocks on the map, turned into about 20 blocks!  And it was 100 + degrees outside!  We finally made it to Union Station.  I only threatened to sit down and cry once.  Once in Union Station, we had a relaxing and cool late lunch.  After recuperating from the crazy heat indoors, we decided to venture back out and go to Busch Stadium for the concert.

The walk back wasn't nearly as long and we got there a lot quicker than I anticipated so we found a place in the shade to just sit.  It was great!  Then, we went in the stadium!  It was seriously unreal.  I felt like I was in a dream the whole time.  Even today as I write this and look through our pictures, I CANNOT believe we saw U2 in concert!  I have to be honest, I was just as excited as Jason, if not more!  I spent a summer in Ireland during college so my love for U2 runs deep. :)  Anyways, we were in the stadium really early but it was neat to walk around and be among all the fans, old and young.

The INCREDIBLE 360 stage and screen.

 Waiting for U2 to come on stage!

We thought U2 was going to take the stage around 8pm but it was actually after 9pm but it was totally worth the wait!  Seriously, y'all will laugh, but I could've cried during the concert.  And I think Jason did. ;) 

I think Jason said it best while we were there, "seeing U2 live is an experience."  And an experience we won't soon forget!

Happy Birthday, sweet Husband!

July 11, 2011

cow appreciation day

We love Chick-fil-A.  Period.  It's the one place that I know Hannah will eat a good meal and then she gets to play...it's a plus for both of us!  So of course we dressed ourselves up and headed to Chick-fil-A with some sweet friends on Cow Appreciation Day!

Hannah LOVES the cows!  She asked me to take a LOT of pictures with the cows. Ha!

We love our friends, too!  Going to Chick-fil-A with friends always makes the lunchtime better.  (For me and Hannah! :))

July 10, 2011

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  It's always nice to have a 3 day weekend full of time with family and friends and that is exactly what we did!

We started off the weekend with a family adventure to the Rodeo of the Ozarks in Springdale! It was SO much fun!  I'm already excited about going back next year!

 It was SO hot!  But Hannah loved drinking from the water bottle like a big girl!

 Seriously, she LOVED the rodeo!

 The Wells-Fargo horses and stagecoach made an appearance.

 I'm not sure what was going on at this point but I love how focused both of my loves are!

 Hannah and Daddy in front of Parsons Stadium

On Sunday, CrossChurch held a big picnic and fireworks show at the Pinnacle Hills Campus.  We had so much fun hanging out with our friends and my parents joined us for the fireworks!
 Hannah was getting the royal treatment...cotton candy sno cone and being fanned by Daddy.  Life doesn't get much better than that!
 She loves a good sno cone!

 Sweet, red-faced family :)  Did I mention this weekend was HOT?!?

 We sat with our sweet friends the Dalmuts.  Hannah and Addy are in the same class at church.  They love each other so much!  They had lots of fun dancing to the music and running around together!  I am so thankful for sweet friends for Hannah to grow up with!  We are truly blessed!
Cute friends.

 Hannah wore protective headphones since we were so close to the fireworks.  I wasn't too sure how she would react to the loud noises but it didn't bother her at all!  She sat with my dad for the entire fireworks display and loved every second of it!

On Monday, the 4th, we headed to my parents' house for some swimming.  It rained most of the morning that we were there but it didn't stop Hannah and Jason from jumping in!

We came home after lunch for naps and to get ready for a cookout with some neighbors.  I made this YUMMY, perfect-for-summer dessert.  Seriously, so. good.

 More sweet friends. 
Hannah and Hudson and Eli. 
So thankful to have sweet neighbors with kids Hannah's age!  And I love their mommies so it makes our time together that much sweeter! :)
Happy 4th of July!
Love, The Kaundarts