December 6, 2011

happy birthday Jesus party!

On Saturday, our church held a Happy Birthday, Jesus Party! with Miss Patty Cake. We had a yummy breakfast, sang songs and heard the story of Jesus' birth. Hannah really enjoyed it! I love doing stuff like this with her that helps her know the reason we celebrate Christmas. It is so fun watching her put things like Christmas and Jesus' birthday together and begin to understand what Christmas is all about!

We sat with our friends the Francis'. Hannah LOVES Jillian and Brody and they had so much fun together! And we love Josh and Jennifer so it is always fun hanging out with their family at these events.

 Ms. Patty Cake invited all the kids to the stage while she finished reading her Christmas book.  Hannah was right in the middle of the chaos! Ha!

 We tried to get a picture with our friend Cilla but both crazy girls were more interested in the Christmas tree decorations than looking and smiling at the camera. :)

Hannah loved meeting Ms. Patty Cake!  She talks about it all the time! It truly was a fun and memorable morning for all of us!

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