October 25, 2011

weekend in oxford

Over the weekend, Jason and I were invited to go to the Arkansas vs. Ole Miss game in Oxford, Mississippi with our dear friends the Harris'. Flint runs a sports website so it's his job to go to college football games all season. It's always fun to get his perspective on everything going on in the college football world.

So we went to Memphis Friday night to stay with some of Flint's family before heading to Oxford for the game Saturday morning. Saturday morning we got up early and made the trek to Oxford, about 1.5 hours from Memphis. We ate an A-MAZING breakfast at The Beacon. Seriously, so. good. 

After filling our bellies, we went on to The Grove where everyone tailgates before Ole Miss games. It is honestly the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I SO wish we had something like this in Fayetteville! Tailgating is basically a way of life in Oxford. And these people go ALL out...from decorations to food to outfits, it was an experience!

 Kickoff was at 11 and the game wasn't pretty. What should've been an easy win for the Hogs became a battle but fortunately, they pulled off a win! So that definitely mad the trip more fun!

After the game, we went to this gas station that is famous for its "chicken on a stick." And that's exactly what it is: a chicken finger on a stick. Ha! It was pretty tasty though.

We then headed home.  It was a fun weekend and we are so thankful for Flint and Rebekah and their generous invitation to let us tag along.  We can't wait for another football road trip next year! :)

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