October 24, 2011

birthday girl!

Today was Hannah's actual birthday so we spent the day celebrating!  She and I had a fun day while Jason was at work before we had another little celebration just us tonight.
We started the day off with Hannah's first official haircut at Pigtails and Crewcuts.  Hannah loved it!  We've been cutting her bangs since she was about 6 months old but I could never bring myself to have her hair actually cut.  However, it has finally reached that mangled mess stage and a real cut was the only solution.

After getting her hair cut, we headed to Chick fil A for a little birthday lunch.  The staff even noticed her birthday shirt and added some special sprinkles to her ice cream.  I love Chick fil A for making everything so special for kids!

After lunch, we walked over to Toys R Us to browse the toys.  Maybe not the best idea since I had already purchased her birthday presents and she began walking down each aisle pointing out what she wanted.  Ha!  But we had fun and I got some Christmas present ideas. :)

She requested noodles for dinner.  Plain noodles, of course.

Hannah opened some presents:
 new silver Toms

  new Tickle Monster book

 and, her favorite toy, a new cash register

Then it was time for candles, singing and a cupcake.

And she received multiple phone calls throughout the day from aunts and grandparents.  She loves to talk on the phone and I'm sure I'll be seeing this picture a lot more in the coming years!

Then I got to cuddle and read a new book before bed to my THREE year old.  It is surreal and time is definitely going way too fast.
LOVE this little girl so much!

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