September 29, 2011

potty training

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time for Hannah to be potty trained.  Completely potty trained.  We've tried several times in the last year but every time we would think about starting, something would come up.  This time, I decided there was no turning back and we were going to train until it was done!  And we did.  And it really only took about 2 days!  Hannah was ready and I think that made the world of difference.  She's done great and I couldn't be more proud with how quickly she learned!  But it is SO weird having a toddler in panties.  She is growing's just all happening so quickly these days.

Loaded up on lots of juice and little goodies for the training!

Fun "prizes" for going on the potty!

YAY for big girl panties!  Ready to start training....

First prize for going on the potty...a new Dora book!

Painting to pass the time...

BIG prize on day 2 for no accidents and going #2 in the potty! :)

We braved our first outing after training to Walmart....

And then for some fro yo with our sweet friend Cilla!
YAY for being potty trained!!!


  1. Yay, for the potty training! That last picture of Hannah is too cute! I am a firm believer in waiting until they are ready!

  2. She is very beautiful. You must be very proud of her. Do you have any big girl panty pictures or any revealing potty pics that you could please share with me?
    I would like send you some pics of my little Jenny. My email is Thank You