September 27, 2011

2nd anniversary

Our anniversary couldn't have come at a better time this year.  With my miscarriage earlier this month, I wasn't sure how I could even think about celebrating but Jason said we needed to get away and do something fun.  So that's exactly what we did!  We headed to Branson for the night and it was EXACTLY what I needed to continue healing from the whole ordeal.  We stayed at the Branson Landing, ate Cantina Laredo, shopped, watched some football and just enjoyed hanging out and resting.  It was perfect!

 Before dropping this little cutie off with my parents.

 Enjoying a little snack and watching the Alabama vs. Arkansas game.  It wasn't pretty so we only watched the first half and then went out to enjoy Branson Landing.

 Ever watch The Sing Off?  It is one of our favorite shows and it just so happened that The Cat's Pajamas group who had been kicked off the show a few weeks ago were at The Landing for an outdoor musical festival.  They are really good and we enjoyed listening to them!

 Ahhh, Cantina Laredo.  Seriously some of the best chicken enchiladas I've ever had!
 And Jason was stuffed! Ha!

I am so incredibly thankful for Jason!  He has literally been my backbone this year and I definitely couldn't have survived the last month without him.  I feel so lucky and so blessed to be called his wife.  I look forward to many more anniversaries and I can't wait to see where the Lord leads us in our marriage!

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