July 24, 2011


Friday was a Friday Night Out for CrossChurch so I took full advantage of this free "date night" and turned it into a huge surprise party for Jason at US Pizza with all his friends!  It was so fun planning (a little stressful since everything was a secret) and then getting to see the look on his face when he walked into the room full of his friends!

I had to practice my story with my sister (who helped a TON with decorating and getting the party room setup) throughout the day so I wouldn't screw it up when Jason got home!  I even let him throw out a few suggestions for date night so it was obvious that I already had something planned for us.  I eventually used the excuse that several couples from church were going out to eat for FNO at US Pizza and I really wanted to go since we haven't been out with friends in awhile.  And I guess it worked perfectly because Jason said he was totally surprised and had no idea what I was up to!

I really do think he was surprised! ;)

 I love the basement of US Pizza because of the built-in entertainment!  Lots of pool, darts and shuffleboard were played by Jason and his friends! 

Sweet friends!
 Jamey & Ashley drove up from North Little Rock to help us celebrate Jason!

 The Pac-man cupcake board I made for the 80s themed decorations :)
An 80s party isn't complete without something Star Wars...so how about character bobble heads on a cake?!?
The sweet group of friends I used as an "excuse" to get Jason to US Pizza.  Love y'all!

It was so fun catching up with so many friends...and many friends that Jason doesn't get to see as often as he'd like.  It was really fun to have all the people who love Jason in one room celebrating him!

Overall, the party was a success!  We had lots of fun and lots of laughs with lots of Jason's best friends.

Jason and I left the party that night so humbled and so blessed by the friendships that were represented in the room...old and new.  I seriously can't thank our friends enough for making this one of the best birthdays ever for Jason.  (And I told Jason not to expect anything until he is 40! Ha!)

 Happy 30th Husband!  Hope you felt loved and celebrated this week!

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  1. Hey saw your Facebook post! I didn't know you had a blog! Looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating!