July 25, 2011

one final celebration

On Sunday, we had one final birthday celebration for Jason.  I invited his family and my family for a little cookout.  By this point, I was exhausted but it was so fun celebrating with family and I'm glad we did it!

Hannah helped me make Jason's strawberry cake after church.  This little girl LOVES to cook!  I'm so excited to have a helper in the kitchen!

Jason grilled steaks for dinner. I felt bad that he was doing the cooking but he LOVES grilling so I'm sure he didn't mind....except that it was 100+ degrees outside on Sunday!

Opening presents with Hannah's help...she may or may not have thought it was her party too. :)
He was REALLY excited about his new Keurig coffee maker!

Singing "Happy Birthday" (doesn't he look thrilled??) and blowing out the candles!

Hannah got out her piggy bank and hit everyone at the party up for some change.  Ha!  Maybe she's saving up for Daddy's present early??

 Happy Birthday to the best Daddy and Husband we could ask for!  

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