July 10, 2011

catching up...

So, I've got LOTS of catching to do on here but let me just say that life the last 7 months (yikes!) has been great!  We've celebrated lots of birthdays with family and friends, enjoyed some family time, met lots of new friends and have grown in so many ways!  Hard to believe it's already July....

My sweet husband has asked, more than once, that I start blogging again so we can look back over all the fun things we've done.  So I'm really hoping to make a comeback and start writing more often for our family and friends to see what fills our days here in NWA!

I think I'll just start with more recent activities and try to work my way back to January of this year and maybe even throw in some other happenings from our first 2 years of marriage.  We'll see....but for now, here goes nothing! :)

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