January 2, 2011

christmas part 1

***Hang on to your seats for 4 posts of Christmas...HA!  Yes, we basically celebrated Christmas from December 18 through December 28....so here goes part #1....

Over the weekend, my cousins from Dallas came up to hang out with all the NWA family for a little Christmas celebration with my PaPa in Bentonville.  We always have SO much fun when my cousins come in to town!  There is never a dull moment when we all get together and I love every minute with them!!

On Saturday, we spent the day hanging out at my parents' house laughing, eating and just relaxing...(more pictures to come when I get them off my mom's camera :))

On Sunday morning, we headed back to Bentonville for Christmas brunch at my PaPa's house.  Christmas is always a bittersweet since my Granny is no longer with us but we try to make the best of it and enjoy time together when we can.

Hannah enjoyed eating breakfast with the "big people" this year.

All the Conner cousins

And with the cousins-in-law and Hannah :)

All the Conner cousins with PaPa

Then Hannah got to open some Christmas presents from the aunts and uncles...she loved her Dora and Boots bubble bath...like, want-to-take-a bath-right-now kinda love!

And this little jacket was definitely Hannah's favorite gift of the day!  She put it right on as soon as she opened it.  Thank you, Sherry and PaPa for such a great gift! 
"So pretty and so soft" :)

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