December 21, 2011

pajama train

On Monday, we took Hannah on a pajama train ride from Springdale to Fayetteville.  It was so fun!  We sang Christmas carols, drank hot chocolate and ate cookies.  We had a visit from Santa and Rudolph during our ride.  It was Hannah's first time on a train and I wasn't sure what she would think or if she would get bored but she loved every second of it!  I can't wait to take her again next year!

 They were both pretty excited about the train! :)

Santa passed out candy canes to all the little ones and I'm pretty sure Hannah grabbed three!  Girl loves her some peppermint candy!

December 19, 2011

christmas vacation party

On Saturday night, Jason and I went to a Christmas Vacation themed Christmas party.  And it was SO fun!  We all dressed up as characters from the movie, enjoyed a Mexican dinner and some fun little games.
Jason and I went as Cousin Eddy and his wife Catherine.  Jason was pretty proud of his costume.  Ha!

 Hannah wanted in on the fun too!  Maybe next year she can join us!

The whole group in costumes

And, of course, Cousin Eddy saved the day! Ha!
Thanks to Brandon for putting together such a fun party!  We can't wait for next year!

December 17, 2011

women's discipleship

This past semester I was part of a 15-week Women's Discipleship class at Cross Church, led by Meredith Floyd.  Seriously, one of the best Bible studies I have ever been a part of!  I learned a lot and was greatly challenged by all of our awesome speakers we had throughout the semester.

One of the speakers was Michelle Duggar and I can honestly say that she is AMAZING!  I know the Duggars can get negative publicity but honestly, she is the dearest woman with an incredible heart for the Lord, her husband and her children.  I was SO challenged to really step up my game as a woman of the Lord, a wife and a mother after listening to her speak.  There is such truth and wisdom in her words and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from her!

December 6, 2011

happy birthday Jesus party!

On Saturday, our church held a Happy Birthday, Jesus Party! with Miss Patty Cake. We had a yummy breakfast, sang songs and heard the story of Jesus' birth. Hannah really enjoyed it! I love doing stuff like this with her that helps her know the reason we celebrate Christmas. It is so fun watching her put things like Christmas and Jesus' birthday together and begin to understand what Christmas is all about!

We sat with our friends the Francis'. Hannah LOVES Jillian and Brody and they had so much fun together! And we love Josh and Jennifer so it is always fun hanging out with their family at these events.

 Ms. Patty Cake invited all the kids to the stage while she finished reading her Christmas book.  Hannah was right in the middle of the chaos! Ha!

 We tried to get a picture with our friend Cilla but both crazy girls were more interested in the Christmas tree decorations than looking and smiling at the camera. :)

Hannah loved meeting Ms. Patty Cake!  She talks about it all the time! It truly was a fun and memorable morning for all of us!

November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving was a little different this year.  My parents rented a cabin for a few days so we all headed out there to enjoy some family time, good food and football. The weather was wonderful so we got to enjoy lots of outdoor activities, including Hannah's first fishing experience.  And we were nestled in the woods so the scenery was gorgeous!  It really couldn't have been a better weekend!
 Jason smoked the turkey for the family this year.  It tasted great and I think he found his "job" for Thanksgiving every year! :)

We didn't leave for the cabin until Thanksgiving day so before we left, we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I loved watching it as a kid (actually I still really love it and look forward to it every Thanksgiving!) and Hannah loved it too!  She waved to all her favorite floats and balloons as they passed on the TV.  Too cute!!!

Then we headed to the cabin to see my parents and my sister and her husband.

A little family picture taking while dinner cooked.

Jason carved the turkey and it was YUMMY!!

After our Thanksgiving feast, Hannah and Dean Dean made a gingerbread house.  She was so serious the whole time!

SO proud of her creation!  And showing it off to MiMi

 The place that we stayed at had this amazing little playground for kids.  These were four mini log cabins for kids to play in.  Hannah LOVED it!!! And it was super cute!
My two jailbirds :)

 the look of pure JOY

Friday morning, we got up and went fishing.  (that adventure deserves a post all it's own because it was so cute!)  And then came back to the cabin to cheer on the Razorbacks against LSU.

 My child LOVES fruit and this tray was basically hers all weekend. Ha!

 Naptime after the game with MiMi

 Craft time with KiKi

 Hannah loves her some Jack!

 My family loves to get together and play games!  We played several games all weekend and Hannah even got in on the UNO fun with me and Jason.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with my family!  I am so thankful for such an amazing family to spend the holidays with!  I was reminded of how much the Lord has done in our lives this year and I am truly grateful for where we are.  It hasn't been the easiest year but I have grown in my faith, Jason and I have grown stronger as a couple and I can see the Lord really starting to work on Hannah's little heart.  It has been an amazing year and for that, I am thankful.

November 20, 2011

nwa boutique show

On Friday, my mom, Hannah and I headed out the NWA Boutique Show for a little girl time and shopping. It was a really fun afternoon and I am so excited about doing more girly shopping with Hannah as she gets older!

However, Hannah wasn't too happy about walking around looking at things for more than about an hour but this Bliss cupcake quickly changed her tune. :)

Then, we headed over to Marketplace for lunch.  Hannah was more interested in playing checkers than eating.  She loves going to Marketplace because of all the fun things in the waiting area.  They know how to entertain little ones!

 One happy little girl with our goody bag from the boutique show.

Love her SO much and look forward to many more girly afternoons with her!

October 31, 2011


This weekend, we headed down to Central Arkansas to visit Jack and Kristy.  They moved to Conway in July so Kristy could go to grad school at UCA.  We LOVE Conway and this was our first time to visit the Branscum's new home.  The trip was way too short but we loved getting some time with Jack and Kristy!

 I LOVE the drive to Central Arkansas in the fall!  Isn't God so cool with all these colors?!?

 Hannah really enjoyed helping take Maggie out for a walk!  Such a big helper!

 The girls before the UCA game....all decked out in our purple!

Jason and I headed to the UCA Homecoming game Saturday night to see a few of his friends from college.  Have I ever mentioned Jason was in the band at UCA??  Well, this is what his Saturdays used to look like in college.... Ha!  I love trying to make fun of him for his band days but seriously, he mostly enjoyed it and he got a free ride to school so who can complain??  And if you ask him, he might even whip out the saxophone we still have. (Probably not, but it is worth a shot!)
UCA has the weirdest/coolest football field.  It takes a minute to get used to but I seriously didn't even notice the purple and gray stripes during the game!

 Do It Like A Big Bear! GRRRR! :)

Hannah got to stay and play with Uncle Jack and Aunt Kristy while we were at the game.  They played hard because when we got back from the game, Hannah was tired and ready for her first experience on a blow up mattress! Ha!  Such a big girl!

We had a great weekend with Jack and Kristy and can't wait to visit again!  Thanks for being such great hosts for a fun weekend!

October 25, 2011

weekend in oxford

Over the weekend, Jason and I were invited to go to the Arkansas vs. Ole Miss game in Oxford, Mississippi with our dear friends the Harris'. Flint runs a sports website so it's his job to go to college football games all season. It's always fun to get his perspective on everything going on in the college football world.

So we went to Memphis Friday night to stay with some of Flint's family before heading to Oxford for the game Saturday morning. Saturday morning we got up early and made the trek to Oxford, about 1.5 hours from Memphis. We ate an A-MAZING breakfast at The Beacon. Seriously, so. good. 

After filling our bellies, we went on to The Grove where everyone tailgates before Ole Miss games. It is honestly the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I SO wish we had something like this in Fayetteville! Tailgating is basically a way of life in Oxford. And these people go ALL out...from decorations to food to outfits, it was an experience!

 Kickoff was at 11 and the game wasn't pretty. What should've been an easy win for the Hogs became a battle but fortunately, they pulled off a win! So that definitely mad the trip more fun!

After the game, we went to this gas station that is famous for its "chicken on a stick." And that's exactly what it is: a chicken finger on a stick. Ha! It was pretty tasty though.

We then headed home.  It was a fun weekend and we are so thankful for Flint and Rebekah and their generous invitation to let us tag along.  We can't wait for another football road trip next year! :)