October 26, 2010


Our sweet Hannah turned 2 on Sunday and have we celebrated!  We can't believe she is 2 already!  Time is definitely flying by and it's happy/sad all at the same time...happy that she is growing into a healthy, independent little girl but sad that she isn't really a baby anymore.  None the less, we have had a GREAT time celebrating our little girl!

The celebration began last weekend with Hannah's little friends "Dora" fiesta!  It was SO fun!  We are so blessed with wonderful friends who love our little girl!!  There were lots of "Dora the Explorer" features throughout the party and it was so fun to put together!

I created a "Chocolate Tree" table out of lots of different chocolate treats.

I used lots of colorful stars as little decorations throughout the party since Dora is a "star catcher". :)

Hannah LOVES Dora!

The menu for this FIESTA included taco soup, chicken tortilla soup, quesadillas and, of course, chips and salsa.  I attempted to create a "forest-y" look on all the windows with streamers and colorful flowers.

The guys enjoyed some Bag-O outside and some Razorback football inside.

Hannah and her very own Dora the Explorer backpack

Hannah wasn't too sure what to think when everyone was singing Happy Birthday. 

My girly-girl....not even wanting to touch the cake! HA!

She seriously asked for a fork :)

But still wasn't too sure about the cake

Happy Birthday, sweet Hannah!

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  1. Stacey, it's awesome! What a fun party Hannah had, all because of you! I'm still so sad that we missed out and even more now that I am seeing the fun pics. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Hannah!