September 7, 2010


Over Labor Day weekend, Jason and I headed to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for a little anniversary get-away at the Ocean Coral and Turquesa resort.  It was a LONG road getting to go on this trip, and actually not even knowing we were going to go until about 36 hours before our flight left NWA, but it was much needed for some time of rest and relaxation!

The chaos of this trip began last Monday...Jason received a phone call from our travel agent that the airline we were to fly into Mexico on had gone bankrupt and closed.  NO flights, trip canceled.  Needless to say, I was bummed!  We have been planning this trip since June and there is seriously no other weekend this fall we can get away.  So I began looking up all sorts of destinations, even within driving distance, and EVERYTHING was either booked because of Labor Day or REALLY expensive because it was like two days before the weekend.

On Tuesday...Jason seriously spent 95% of his day on the phone with the travel agent and American Airlines management.  The only response we got most of the day was that we could go on our trip but the price would virtually DOUBLE since Air Mexicana had shut down.  Again, bummed.  We were definitely not paying that for this trip!
But...about 5:20pm, right before Jason was leaving work, the travel agent called and he had gotten something worked out and we would be able to take our trip at no extra cost!  And our flight would leave NWA at 1:00pm Thursday afternoon...I had to get busy to get everyone ready for this trip!  My parents were SO gracious and kept Hannah for the weekend and we were able to relax and enjoy time together reflecting on this past year. 

Finally made it after a few flight delays and an overwhelming experience at the Cancun airport!

We got a room/bed upgrade since it was our anniversary! 
King bed in an ocean view room

First day on the beach

Before dinner at the Japanese restaurant

AMAZING hibachi-grill food!!!

Off to breakfast and the pool

After dinner, hanging out on the lobby balcony overlooking the ocean

The perfect American lunch...even had Heinz ketchup packets!

I LOVED the ice cream cones at the beach restaurant!

And Jason loved the Corona tap at the beach restaurant! Ha!

BEST chicken fajitas!

Last night at dinner at the resort's Mexican restaurant

We had a blast and loved every minute of our time in Mexico!  I am so thankful for such an amazing husband who spent lots of time and energy on the phone fighting for our trip and amazing parents who take care of Hannah (and our house!) while we are gone and I don't have to worry about a thing!

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  1. Even though you had some obstacles it looks like you had a great time in Mexico!! JEALOUS!!