August 17, 2010

lake weekend!

This past weekend, we headed to Branson with our AMAZING community group for a little get-away.  And, boy, did we have FUN!!!  I mean, seriously, I LOVE these people!  Even though Jason and I have only been a part of the group for about a year, I feel like I have known these couples and families for a long time.  It is so fun getting to watch Hannah have little playmates and other babies to grow up with.

Jason and Hannah with our friends Lyla and John David

Just reclining on the dock :)

Enjoying a little Goldfish picnic with Lauren

Hannah's first boat ride...

and she LOVED it!

Hannah and Sawyer watching some Yo Gabba Gabba (or Barney...those were the two shows of choice for the weekend :))

Some of the girls after dinner on Saturday night

and the guys...oh my! Haha!

We had a fabulous weekend with our friends and look forward to many more fun weekends together!  Thanks, Mark and Jenessa for your generosity and letting us all crash at the lake house for the weekend.  Y'all are the best!

August 11, 2010

dress shopping

So I haven't even had the chance yet to post this but....MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!  We celebrated on Sunday with my family and soon-to-be brother-in-law's family.  It was so fun and I am SO excited for Jack and Kristy!!!! (A post and pictures about all of that later...)

Today, Kristy, Hannah and I headed to David's Bridal in Fayetteville to check out some bridesmaid dresses and a flower girl dress for Hannah.  Kristy's eye for dresses and color is A-MAZING!!!  What she has picked out is BE-A-U-tiful!  Hannah quickly tired of looking at the dresses and "princesses", as she called them, and needed a little break. :)

Sweet little girl is ready to be a "princess" for Aunt KiKi!

August 3, 2010

our little climber

Yep, this is where I found Hannah this morning.  (Side note: Jason and I also found Hannah on top of the table last night as well playing with the flowers in my vase so I knew she was capable of this, I just didn't think she'd do it again with the flowers gone now.)  She had pulled out the chair at just the right angle so she could hoist her little body on our kitchen table.  She was SO proud of herself! 
This is only the beginning, I'm sure.