July 9, 2010

swim lessons

This week, Hannah and I spent an hour every day at the Fedosky's Swim Ranch in Fayetteville for the Water Babies swim class.  Overall, I think Hannah enjoyed it and I loved getting more knowledge on how to teach her to swim as she gets older.  It was definitely an adventure and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Day 1:  Jason was able to go with us the first day and he captured some pictures of us in the pool...
Not too sure what to think...

Learning to use a kickboard...still gotta work on the "kick" part. :)

Swimming with Ms. Virginia...SO thankful for her knowledge and patience!

At the end of each class, everyone gets to pick out a pool toy to play with...Hannah couldn't decide on just ONE toy and we had minor meltdown.  I did my best to keep smiling. :)

Day 2:
I asked Hannah if she was ready to go to swim lessons and this is the face I got...PRICELESS! :)

Day 3:                                Ready to go!
It was cold and rainy when we got out but Hannah loved being bundled in her towel with an animal cracker for doing so well!

Day 4:
Every day after swim lessons, Hannah got Chick-fil-A for lunch. Thanks to MiMi, Hannah now associates swim lessons with chicken :) 
And I caught her sneaking a drink of my Diet Coke!

Swimming wore this baby out this week!  Best naps she's taken in awhile!!!

Day 5:
SUPER excited for swim lessons today!

MiMi and Dean-Dean showed up today to see what Hannah has been learning all week.  She was excited to see them!!!

Today, Hannah received a certificate of participation for swimming lessons this week.  So, don't be surprised it you are at our house and see it hanging in our office!  We are SO proud of our little fish!

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