July 5, 2010

4th of July fun!

Our 4th of July weekend was so busy but so so fun!  We celebrated pretty much all weekend with friends and family and definitely had a blast!

On Saturday, we headed out to the lake with some very dear friends.  It was cloudy on the way to the lake but we figured we could get some swim time in even if the guys couldn't go out on the boat for some wakeboarding.  We went a little earlier than everyone else and headed straight to the swim area for Hannah to play a little before lunch.  She loved it!  Especially her little "boat."
Hannah wanted to use her boat before we even got to the lake as a lounger while watching Barney.

Hannah loved playing in the water with Daddy! :)

It started to rain and Hannah was WAY more interested in the rain clouds than taking a picture with Mommy.

These were the clouds that brought quite a bit of rain which forced us inside the RV for the afternoon and keeping the guys from wakeboarding. :(

So, we decided to head home since the rain wasn't going anywhere for the day.  We weren't in the car 10 minutes before our little one was fast asleep...I mean, the deep and snoring sleep!
SO precious! :)

We stopped at Suzy Q on the way home.  Jason had never been and it is definitely a childhood favorite of mine as my family always made a Suzy Q stop after being at the lake.  I was excited for Jason to try this little "greasy spoon" hamburger stop.

And, to make this stop even more wonderful, (for me, at least!) Suzy Q serves Hunt's ketchup.  Now, to most people this is no big deal but in our family, it's HUGE!  Jason and I have an ongoing debate of which is better: Heinz or Hunt's.  And basically every restaurant known to man serves Heinz so obviously Jason thinks he is right...but...Suzy Q has Hunt's! :)  I have at least one point now.

And, yes, I took a picture :)

On Sunday, we headed over to my parents' house for a little cookout.  Fortunately, it was sunny so we were able to enjoy some time in the pool too.

Taking a little break for a snack and drink :)
Cruisin' around on the four wheeler

After eating, playing and swimming, we headed home for some sparkler fun with Hannah.
Hannah liked the sparklers for about 10 seconds and she was done and ready to do her own thing.

A little before dark, our neighbors began setting off HUGE fireworks!  So, we took advantage of it and set up chairs in our driveway...it was like having our own personal fireworks show!
Hannah really enjoyed it!  And even wanted her own chair for the show...

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

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