June 27, 2010


Friday was a whirlwind but so much fun for us!  First, Hannah and I headed to the Rogers Activity Center with some friends to play in the splash pad.  Hannah was not too sure what to think at first, but eventually loved the water!  I can't wait to take her back now that she knows what to expect.

Watching the other kids, trying to figure it all out....
...LOVING being splashed and asking for more!

This is our friend, Sawyer.  Hannah has NO idea what to think about him so they spend a lot of time just staring at each other.  Katie, Sawyer's mom, and I laugh a lot when we are all together!

Then, Friday night, we headed over to some friends' house for a little cookout.  Jason and I are loving getting to know the couples and families in our area.  God has truly blessed us with some great friends!  Hannah also loves all these people around...especially when she is the center of attention!

Hannah was super excited when one of our friends whipped out the bubbles!

Being so curious, Hannah admired Aubrey painting her nails.  Oh, I fear the days of nail polish and play makeup are just around the corner for us!

Needless to say, Hannah was pretty tired after the busyness of our day and even stopped playing to come rest.

We are so blessed to have such fun families that we can live life with.  We look forward to more cookouts, water play dates and any other days we have with friends!

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  1. haha I love the picture of Hannah and Sawyer, it looks like she's saying, "You wanna start something with ME? that's a baaaad idea..."