May 11, 2010

picture day!

Well, today was picture day at the daycare.  So I decided to load Hannah up and get some spring pictures taken.  Now, Hannah has had a little cold for about a week now and still has a very runny nose so I wasn't sure how it would all go. 

This is how our morning started....
When I asked Hannah if she wanted to get dressed for pictures, she politely said no and proceeded to climb in the bathtub for some playtime. (I couldn't help but smile and grab the camera!)

So finally we were off to pictures which went okay considering Hannah isn't feeling 100% herself today.  (Hopefully we got at least one good one for the grandparents!) After pictures, we headed to Walmart for our bi-weekly shopping.  Hannah LOVES Walmart so I knew once we were there everything would be fine.

We completed our shopping and made the drive home.  By this time, Hannah was hungry and on the verge of tired so we quickly ate lunch and she immediately asked to go "night night".

And this is what is going on in the room across the hall as I type....
one precious, tired (and snoring) baby!

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