May 16, 2010


Over the weekend, my mom's entire family got together for the first time in a LONG time and did we have FUN!!!  We really got together to celebrate my aunt's 40th birthday, but that was a surprise, so we took advantage of this time together by simply having some quality time as a family.  It was SO great to see my cousins...with one in law school at Texas Tech and the other at Baylor, our visits with them are few and far between.  And, of course, Hannah was the star of the show.  She loved getting to play with everyone and being the center of attention. :)

The weekend started with breakfast at my parent's house and my Aunt Kim brought this CUTE monkey chair for Hannah.  And she loves it...especially since it is just her size!

Somehow, Hannah ended up with a small cut on her finger that required a Band-Aid.  She has never had one before and did not like it!  She kept her finger up like this the whole time the Band-Aid was on. :)

Hannah enjoyed being right in the middle of the boys playing Rock Band.

She even did some singing of her own...

...and helped our cousin John on the drums!

Hannah loved spending time with our cousin Marshall!  He was a great buddy for the day!

All the cousins with Aunt Jen. Happy Birthday, AJ!

May 11, 2010

picture day!

Well, today was picture day at the daycare.  So I decided to load Hannah up and get some spring pictures taken.  Now, Hannah has had a little cold for about a week now and still has a very runny nose so I wasn't sure how it would all go. 

This is how our morning started....
When I asked Hannah if she wanted to get dressed for pictures, she politely said no and proceeded to climb in the bathtub for some playtime. (I couldn't help but smile and grab the camera!)

So finally we were off to pictures which went okay considering Hannah isn't feeling 100% herself today.  (Hopefully we got at least one good one for the grandparents!) After pictures, we headed to Walmart for our bi-weekly shopping.  Hannah LOVES Walmart so I knew once we were there everything would be fine.

We completed our shopping and made the drive home.  By this time, Hannah was hungry and on the verge of tired so we quickly ate lunch and she immediately asked to go "night night".

And this is what is going on in the room across the hall as I type....
one precious, tired (and snoring) baby!

May 9, 2010

mother's day

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!  Jason definitely spoiled me!

On Friday, I received my Mother's Day present early and quickly fell in love with my present: A NEW CAMERA!!!!  I have been wanting one for MONTHS and I am SO excited to finally have it!  Now if I can just figure out all the tricks to really using it.... :)

So not only did I have a new camera to play with all weekend but I was able to really relax and enjoy the day with my family.  It was just three of us all day at home and it was amazing!  Jason made breakfast and dinner and put up with several chick flicks on TV. :) 

YUMMY breakfast!

Jason about to grill some AMAZING chicken kabobs!

the finished product....SO SO good!

Hannah wasn't too excited about the movie selection for the day and fell asleep in her chair watching TV with us.

This is Hannah saying "please" to see my camera....

...she settled for the iPhone instead. :)

I love my baby girl!...

...and my amazing husband for a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!

I am so truly blessed to have such a great family!  It is so fun being a mom and wife.  I have enjoyed the journey thus far and look forward to many, many more wonderful moments with Jason and Hannah!

May 5, 2010

cinco de mayo!

We didn't really do much to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo but I was able to capture Hannah in her Mexican dress to mark the occasion:

I absolutely LOVE this little girl!  She is just growing up too fast for me...

Jason and I finished up the day with some spanish rice, EASY chicken enchiladas and yummy strawberry margaritas! 
Happy Cinco de Mayo!