March 12, 2010

what a week!

It has been one crazy week around here!  I am so glad it is finally Friday!  Let me recap this week...

Monday: I was gone all evening for training for work.  Jason was home with Hannah.  (Fun times were definitely had!)

Tuesday: Jason had a guys night to celebrate a friend's birthday.  I was home with Hannah.  Jack and Kristy came to visit and Jack taught Hannah that her name was Jack.  She spent most of the night walking around saying "I, Jack" and pointing to herself.  Very cute and very funny but also a little frustrating for mom!  Then about 8:15pm, our dryer dies.  Not a good ending to the day...especially when there are wet clothes in the washer and damp jeans in the dryer.

And this is Hannah's attempt to "helping" with the laundry before the dryer fiasco....

Wednesday: I have to get Hannah ready to spend the night at MiMi and Daddy Dean's.  Normally she is pretty excited but we had a difficult time getting everything together Wednesday morning.  I have on damp jeans from the night before that I tried to dry with a hair dryer but was unsuccessful.  And on the way out the door, Hannah picks up a half empty can of Diet Coke that Jason left in the garage and proceeds to dump it out, most of which went down her sleeve.  I didn't want to fight changing clothes at that point so we went to Bentonville in sticky, wet clothes. 

Community Group on Wednesday night was great for Jason & I!  Very convicting and very timely for the week I was having...the lesson was on being overwhelmed.  God sure has a sense of humor, doesn't He?!?

Thursday: Finally getting back to normal around here.  And finally a night that all three of us were home!  Praise the Lord for some good family time!

Friday:  I am working from home which means I get to spend some quality time with Hannah!  She is taking a wonderful nap as I get caught up on paperwork, emails, phone calls and a little blogging. :)  And it is Fajita Friday!  This means Jason takes care of dinner, either cooking fajitas at the house or bringing them home from La Huerta and we get to enjoy a quiet (fingers crossed) evening at home, just the three of us!

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