March 20, 2010

the first day of spring

Today Jason had the opportunity to go fishing with his dad and brother on the White River.  Here is a picture I received from Jason's dad as they were fishing...

I don't think this was his biggest catch of the day but he sure was having a good time! :)

As Jason was enjoying nice, warm weather, this is what we were experiencing in Fayetteville:

Just the beginning of a serious winter storm

Luckily, Jason left the White River earlier than planned so he could have some quality time with his girls. :)  He got home just as the roads were becoming horrible in Fayetteville.  Thank you Lord for watching over Jason and getting him home safely!  So we finished the first day of spring, cuddled inside with a blizzard outside and some YUMMY taco soup.  (Get the recipe here. Thanks, Katie!)

And I'm hanging on to these beautiful spring flowers for as long as possible!

These were a sweet surprise from Jason on Friday before date night.  I have the best husband! :)

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