February 25, 2010

not a typical night...

So Wednesday nights are the nights each week that Hannah spends with my parents in Bentonville.  Jason and I have community group and sometimes sneak in a dinner date since we have a "free" night.  However last night was not as "free" as we had planned....

About 11:00pm last night, my mom calls and calmly tells me we need to come pick up Hannah.  Now, Jason and I were both sound asleep and I really had no idea what was going on for the first few seconds of my conversation.  But as I began to come to the real world, I realized what my mom was saying.  My parents' carbon monoxide alarms were going off in their house and the fire department was on their way.  Obviously Hannah could not stay the night.  So I woke up a very confused Jason and we got ourselves together and headed up to Bentonville.

By the time we arrived, the fire department had come and everything checked out okay at the house.  But just to be safe we woke up a very soundly sleeping baby and made the journey back to Fayetteville.  By the time we arrived home, 12:30am, we were all dazed and confused to say the least!  And we would spend the next two hours trying to get back to a peaceful state of sleep for all three of us.

Fortunately, Hannah and I were able to sleep in a bit today.  Unfortunately, Jason had a breakfast meeting at 6:30am.  Not a great start to a Thursday....we are definitely ready for the weekend around here!

(PS...My parents are fine.  No carbon monoxide in the house.  And new alarms are in place and ours will be replaced this weekend per my dad.)

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